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Melissa Grier, MD

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If you're sexually active but want to prevent pregnancy, birth control is essential. At Melissa Grier, MD Women’s Healthcare in Pasadena, California, Dr. Grier offers a comprehensive range of birth control options, including the pill, intrauterine devices, and birth control implants. Call the office or schedule a consultation online today to find out which type of birth control is right for you.

Birth Control Q & A

What are the available types of birth control?

Dr. Grier offers a variety of contraceptive options to serve the various needs of the women in her care. Some of the commonly used types of birth control include:

Birth control pill

The birth control pill adjusts your hormones to prevent ovulation and thicken your cervical mucus to block sperm from reaching your uterus. You need to take the pill at the same time every day and use an additional type of contraception like a condom if you miss a pill or have to take antibiotics, which could interfere with the medication's effectiveness.


A birth control implant is a small rod that Dr. Grier places under the skin of your inner bicep. It releases hormones to prevent ovulation. The implant provides effective contraception for up to five years.


Dr. Grier also provides birth control shots. You need to have the shot every three months for continuous contraception. The shot includes hormones that prevent ovulation and thickening of your cervical mucus. 

It's important to remember that none of these options protect you from STDs. Only barrier method birth control like condoms stop the spread of STDs.

How do I know which birth control is right for me?

Dr. Grier provides birth control consultations to identify the best type of birth control for you. You need to consider your plans to have a family in the future, your ability to take a pill at the same time, your age, and your medical history. Dr. Grier can answer your questions and help you make the best choice about contraception.

What should I do if I want to come off birth control?

If you're ready to start your family, make an appointment to talk to Dr. Grier about stopping birth control and optimizing your health for pregnancy. She provides personalized advice about when to start trying after stopping birth control. 

Call Melissa Grier, MD Women’s Healthcare or make an appointment online today for personalized birth control advice.